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"Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing." ---Voltaire

A New Look at Mental Disorders by Robert Gallon, PhD | July 14, 2016 @BrainBlogger.com (It was a great read, your minds are biased, I'm gonna elaborate that later on...)

I've read so much more over the years, it doesn't take a PhD to understand things, I can't recall the name but there was this journalist who was advocating for similar idea of dismantling the current DSM categorization, I've been into that idea lately, it's healthier approach I tell ya. One thing to remember though, is that some people come at the psychiatry in rather radical fashion, you notice things on an article like the death of Carrie Fisher on MIA, they do this one sided approach, I should think that anyone should be able to read stuff on MIA without harsh judgement, it's been around so long, anyhow they are good source of information, they cite the credible sources, you think together with them.

The guardian from the UK, and there was this Bell Let's Talk from Canada that I got to know a couple months ago, European based soteria networks (originated in the US back in the day), I'm just listing things that we all should learn from. The famous CBT didn't do much when Swedish government invested in it, the result was,,,unproductive, don't believe me when I say things like this, you the reader has to know the research biases and how to read the so-called evidences, figure the pattern and it'll get easier and helpful as you know more. One tiny entry in a scientific journals, when it gets lobbied by the powerful groups, (you can call them NWO if you like, I don't), there's no stopping them. NAMI and their financial ties with big pharmas, lillygates and the bush family ties, it's become the big industry as we see today and you the pill takers are part of the blame. The blind trust in AMA, APA and other entities sickens me, there are many many other medical establishment in the US, and if you take a look at how this biomedical model became the mainstream approach to our mental health issues, one would NOT be surprised, maybe it's just me, it's all about marketing in this capitalist societies of ours.

Has anyone been following the news of AMHA? Holy fuck, right? I've just learned that it's called democide, your angers are so last century, so not established, it's all been done and worse across the pacific. And the noises/fights some of you have been making by bad mouthing the opponent on this site are kinda lame, you fight with sticks and stones and y'all be equal, but the catch is, the other side don't always see you on the same ground. Your anger sessions, (don't call 'em symptoms ffs), may be your passage of life, if you're gonna quit taking harmful drugs then the mission has to have good enough logical reasonings behind it. No matter how horrible the experiences might be, one needs to be aware that the significance of the decision to quit taking pills means the agency of control is back in your hand, this is not the issues of black label warnings on certain drugs, this is not about whether the doctors know more, it simply means you deserve more.

Hey, by the way, some of you contributors seemed to know about orthomolecular(sp?) medicines, nutritions, diet and exercises, at this point, I wouldn't even discount homeopathy, and yeah, I know a lady who truly believe in the benefit of amino acid, if any of you wanna go the supplement route, check out bluelight.org, I know we can't get our hands on melatonin but don't just take melatonin just because you've heard it worked for some, it has been around for decades, some of us figured out how it really works, know your stuff. Fish oil, lithium orate, there are bunch of talks about what may work for us, and when they get discredited, please let us remind ourselves that the medical industries haven't done the best job of helping people with say, pharmaceutical grade fish oils for old people. However you wanna lead your life, ignoring assholes are very important, you don't correct them or lecture them, and know when to help, how to help, and defend your position as well. (Polypharmacy is a new territory, they need to come out clean and disclose how many of patients they've killed before brandishing their anecdotal evidences. The sad truth is they can practice however they see fit, get your shit straight, eh?)

2012 Aurora shooting -> E. Fuller Torrey -> H.R.2646 (The Murphy bill), if we gonna learn anything, get the big picture. I've checked, our current law regarding the hospitalization issues are quite frankly worse than other respectable nations, we can all debate which country does better in what area of social health services, but that is not the point. The disease model sneaked into people's minds without sound scientific basis, I remember our PM saying "more hospitals" after a big criminal incident a while back, our civil rights are equal to those with the same feelings and our precious conscious minds. Your anxiety, self-confidence and most importantly the courage to be yourself are not given, learn to unlearn, rewire your thoughts bit by bit, not knowing the weight of human rights are not something you get a free pass on.

Quotes from the article in the beginning of this post:

“It must be admitted that no definition adequately specifies precise boundaries for the concept of mental disorder.”

"Whenever I hear someone talking about (erasing the stigma of) mental illness, I cringe."

Your reality is the product of your tunnels, inner struggles, I want you all to reinstate your purpose if you ever felt that you had one, ever in your life.


As you can see, I don't follow conventions. Redefining the indefinable is where I'll always be.

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